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A Brief History of Jack Crane

A Brief History of Jack Crane
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After exploring a broad range of dramatically different professions ... ranging from first studying as a biology major at Eastern University, then as an intelligence analyst in the USAF Security Service, and finally as a technical engineer in Westinghouse Electric's Power Generation Division ... I ultimately found my way to Philadelphia College of Art, where I majored in Illustration and finally recognized and fulfilled my love of art as a successful and accomplished book and magazine illustrator.

Graduation Week at
College of Art

I was the only student, out of 19 who began the program, who completed the 3 year transfer program at PCA. The program was intense and I went many a night without sleep while completing the challenging but rewarding assignments presented to me by my instructors at the college.

My senior year I won the ELY Award of Excellence in Illustration. My only regret is that I could not take the metal sculpting and glass blowing courses that were reserved for the craft majors.


The long term effects of years of tight deadlines are obvious in this more recent photograph. I pride myself in never missing a deadline, no matter how critical or short. I acquired many of my clients by stepping in and assuming the responsibility of a challenging project when another artist had failed. I have created some of my best work under the greatest stress.