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The forklift model was built using a variety of materials including: foamcore, wire mesh, wooden dowels, styrofoam, plastic tubing, 100% silicone caulking, assorted glues and adhesives and an assortment of items found in hardware stores.

The model was created to scale using actual measurements and photos taken at the sight of the accident/injury. The actual model was approx. 3 ft. high by 3 ft. long by 16 in. wide.


The hand illustrations were created based on xrays only (no photographs were taken during any of the surgeries involved) and were taken after the accident/injury and following each of the reconstructive procedures. The xrays were provided by the law firm handling the case for the victim.




The model of Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium was created using only photos taken by the law firm immediately following the incident. No measurements were possible since the stadium had been demolished before the model was requested. The completed model was approx. 5 ft. wide by 3 ft. deep by 12 in. high.


Both the Roadway Accident Diagram display and House Fire Diagram display were created on a MacIntosh computer using measurments, photographs and diagrams provided by the law firm. Each was then printed on a high resolution color laser printer and mounted on foamcore. Each was approx. 4 feet in length.