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Fantasy, Fiction and Science Fiction

Dragon Magazine: Tree Ents in Dismal Swamp

I created six full-color cover illustrations for TSR Periodical's Dragon Magazine: issues numbered 54, 67, 75, 79, 87 and 96. I also wrote a short story and drew fifteen spot illustrations which accompanied the cover illustration of issue 87. The cover/story was entitled "The Legacy of Hortus." I also did numerous spot illustrations that appeared in assorted other issues of Dragon Magazine.

Sardior: Ruby Dragon/Days of the Dragon Calendar

"Sardior: The Ruby Dragon" appeared as the illustration for the month of June in the Days of the Dragon Calendar for TSR Peridiocals.

The illustration was created using waterproof india ink, Winsor-Newton watercolors and inks and Liquitex acrylics, incorporating a wide variety of techniques.